Why Real Estate SEO Is Different From Standard SEO

When it comes to SEO real estate, you might just as well take everything you’ve found in those simple SEO guides and chuck them right out of the window.

For many reasons, Real Estate SEO is a horse of a different color, but for one in particular: while other websites can be optimized to bring in leads once and then turn them into long-term customers, Real Estate SEO must work over and over again, constantly bringing in new leads and converting them into new customers.

Why? For what?

Because the average person one day doesn’t buy a house and then goes back to buy another one a week later!

Yeah, there’s trust in the real estate game — when you get your clients a lot and make things run smoothly for them, they’re likely to come back to you when they move back (or if you’re at the top of the market, buy a second or third home).look at here

But let’s face facts here: turnaround time is not something that can be banked on by many real estate agents. Plus, as most agents only sell locally and most movements are made into a particular region or area, chances are you won’t get a cut of the next move of your current client anyway.

That’s what makes SEO Immobilities so special and important to the business. Without the proper techniques, you wave an unseen, bait-less line in a sea of fish that is being scooped up by the left and right rivals, all of which have fishing nets!

3 Things to consider Below are some of the considerations that affect the SEO of immovable property relative to a broader company which can depend on global sales, customer loyalty and static products: 1. Local SEO is All for The Realtor.

While other SEO tactics can focus on broader industry-related keywords, this kind of SEO has duplicated the work. Not only do you need to rank for those common keywords that your leads will be searching for, but you also need to fit those keywords in the exact locations you sell or rent property.

That means doubling the research on keywords, doubling the content and doubling the work. It means going through different routes to get your rich snippets up and running, getting your local map showing up on the search engine results pages-it means a lot of different work you need to put in, unless you have a system to do the job for you.

  1. Content To Realtors is essential.

Your market is constantly changing with SEO for realtors, which is great considering you have to constantly bring in new leads and customers, but which translates into more content.

Real estate SEO needs more localized blogs, more pointed, more helpful content, more rich keywords, webcopy driven by sales and more of all content-related websites than standard business websites.

Why? For what?

Because you have tons of listings, and you appeal to a large audience from all over the country, or even from all over the world, to try to draw them into one very specific place. You have to cover all of your bases to do that and you need a lot of content to do that. Having your hands with a content management system will make things a lot easier.

  1. Keep up with the Changing Economy. New media and regular notifications

Last but not least, real estate SEO is nothing without property photos. Not only do you need a fast load time (meaning your server needs to be well-equipped, your pictures properly sized, etc.), but you also need alt-text for your pictures, each with the relevant keywords.

The images should be placed in a logical order and they should all be indexed with the search engines. This isn’t too hard to do with a few listings, but if you have 15 images of each listing of properties and 500 listings, you can see why things can get complicated.

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