Understanding  Cisco 3750X Switch

Cisco Catalyst switches include remote configuration options such as telnet, SSH, and Web interface connectivity. If you setup a move to Cisco Catalyst even Are dissatisfied with the Cisco command line (CLI), allowing web server setup access is a reasonable option. Check WWS-C3750X-48T-S.

All you’ll need is Cisco Catalyst switch with activated telnet access-Privileged Exec mode password, Telnet access password, Cisco Catalyst switch IP address, Microsoft Windows device with installed Microsoft telnet client program.


Click the Start button, then click the Run box (Windows XP) or the Search box (Windows 7 or Vista) button. Select “cmd” in the “Run” or “Scan” window, then tap

“Pass” click. The window will appear on the command line. Type “telnet x.x.x.x” and replace the Cisco Catalyst switch’s IP address with “x.x.x.x,” then press the “Enter” key. When you request to connect to Cisco Catalyst, type the password. Select “Allow” and then click “In.” When requested, type the Privileged Exec password and press the Enter key.

Select “cfg t,” and hit “In.” Select the “ip http api” icon, and press “In.” Type the “end” button, and press “enter.”

More Corresponding:

What to install a Cisco Catalyst 4500 DHCP Relay

  1. Log in to the Cisco device via a virtual terminal application such as SSH or Telnet, using an interactive text-oriented communications facility. When a authentication is efficient a

Appears read-only command-line prompt, including “Switch >.”

  1. Type the “enable” command in “Switch >” prompt. Type in switch the password.

The command-line adjustments to a request activated, such as “Switch #.”

  1. Select in the “Switch #” prompt the command “setup terminal,” and hit the “Back” key. The command called “config terminal” modifies the prompt to “Router (config) #.”
  2. Type in the “Router(config) #” prompt the command “FastEthernet protocol,” and hit the “Back” key. This order edits “Router(config-if) #” request.
  3. In the “Router(config-if) #” prompt, type the “ip helper-address” command. This order calls for DHCP packets to be routed to another subnet.
  4. At the “Router(config-if) #” prompt, hold the “Control” and “Z” keys simultaneously. That brings the router back to the prompt for “Router #.” The DHCP relay system is in operation now Configured to support DHCP packet forwarding.

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