Things To Know About 24/7 Towing Ottawa

At some point, towing a Jeep is something every Jeep enthusiast has had to do. Some Jeep owners tow their Jeeps to get them to their off-road destination while others tow them out of desperation after a breakdown. Whatever the explanation behind the need to tow the Jeep we will provide you with some helpful tips to keep the operation smooth. Learn more by visiting 24/7 Towing Ottawa.

The primary concern among Jeep owners who need to have their vehicle towed during the process is to avoid damage. If your Jeep is done wrong, you can suffer harm to costly parts and equipment. The more you learn about the towing method, the more you would be prepared when it comes to towing your Jeep. The two towing methods we will be debating are flat towing and trailer towing.

Flat towing is a term used to describe, without using a trailer, towing your vehicle. The most popular flat towing technique is to tie the Jeep’s front end onto the vehicle used to tow it. But for those of you who have never done this before we will be offering some helpful tips to make the process easier for both you and the person who towed your Jeep.

Before you tow your Jeep flat you should disconnect your Jeep’s rear driveshaft. Can damage the gears if left engaged.

Make sure the lug nuts are all secure. This will help prevent a loose tyre from coming off during the cycle of towing.

You should wire it up under the Jeep to prevent damage to your driveshaft and wrap duct tape around the U-joint to hold it in place.

You should also remove the front hubs before towing your Jeep flat. Once they are removed, you can then use duct tape while towing to protect them from the elements.

Towing the Jeep using a truck is a much easier process than flat towing. All you need to do is firmly connect the truck to your towing vehicle and then move the Jeep up onto the trailer to correctly tow your Jeep using a crane. Using a trailer won’t require you to take any precautionary measures other than locking the trailer with your jeep. It can be done using straps or chains to secure your Jeep to the trailer; these will keep your Jeep from rocking or slipping while it is on the trailer. Many Jeep owners prefer this method of transporting their Jeeps, as it is easier than flat towing and does not put any additional strain on your Jeep. For any driver, towing your Jeep can be difficult, but if you obey some of these tips the towing method can be much simpler for you and your Jeep.

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