Reason To Choose A Memory Foam Mattress In Matthews

For individuals considering a new mattress or if your mattress is in good condition but a little too heavy, memory foam mattress toppers are a great solution. A topper with a memory foam mattress can do wonders for aches and pains, tossing and turning and offering you the utmost warmth while you’re sleeping. A viscoelastic mattress pad suits your original mattress perfectly and has the ability to turn your present bed into a new sleep environment, supplying you with a level of comfort that you never expected. You’re going to sleep easier than you have in years.You may find more details about this at memory foam mattress in Matthews.

Visco foam hardness is one of the main factors to consider while purchasing a mattress or topper. The denser the foam is usually, the stronger the foam quality. High density foam provides the best quality and longevity imaginable. Usually 5 lbs is considered high quality foam and is the most suitable topper for memory foam.

Always make sure your pad of foam memory mattresses is dense enough to make your buy worth your time. They are available in a variety of thicknesses from one inch to four inches and more, everywhere. Most recommended is the 3″ thickness, as this provides enough foam for the body to contour into without overwhelming the sleepers. Make sure your topper is all memory foam; there should not be any support foam in a topper, just a mattress. The memory foam mattress has seen a unique rise in recognition. Less conforming traditional foam -or latex -toppers can also be found but neither possess the viscoelastic heat sensitive property that makes memory foam so comfortable. Open celled memory foam is typically the preferred type. This means that the cells (air bubble) are not closed but are interconnected to one another. This is commonly referred to as ‘open cell structure’. However, viscoelastic is more than this; the mattress is not only sensitive to weight but also to heat. The more heat that is applied the more the mattress will yield. Viscoelastic foam conforms to the shape of the person sleeping on top of it. This means it provides far better support than other types of mattress and is extremely good at relieving pressure points, while still supporting areas like the lower back.

The Tempur-Pedic mattress was the very first of this type and remains the market leader to this day. There are many views as to the sleep quality of the mattress. The Tempurpedic mattress has a 5.25 lb density and sleeps a little more firm than some people like. If you can, try to compare at least two or three different brands before you buy to see what feels best for you. Just because you see the commercial everyday doesn’t mean it’s the best mattress for you, it just means that you are paying for heavy advertising costs when you purchase their bed. Although many have enjoyed a better sleep on a memory foam mattress there are some who found that sleeping on one felt a lot warmer than sleeping on an inner spring mattress. One solution has been to introduce a new layer of high-density convoluted foam between the base foam block and the top viscoelastic foam. Some mattresses also utilize open celled memory foam which is much more efficient at air circulation and cooling. Buying a new mattress is no small purchase. There are people who spend thousands of dollars on them, depending on the brand type and features. This is the general price range you can expect if you are purchasing a Sealy plush mattress, or maybe something similar from one of the other big names. The various brand names and all of the diverse combinations can make it quite a challenge to someone who has not done their homework. The best advice is to determine which type of mattress you need, the features you require, and then determine a budget. You don’t have to be a millionaire to sleep comfortably, but given how much time you will spend in bed and the longevity f some higher end mattresses, they certainly can make worthwhile investments.

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