Keep Pests Away From Your Yard – Outdoor Pest Solutions For Summer

Tips to Getting Rid of Yard Pests: Mosquitoes, Ticks and More While yard pests that appear year round, you’ll probably notice an influx of pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants and more during the summer. Such plagues are not only a threat-many animals often bear deadly diseases such as malaria and Lyme disease. Visit Independent Pest Solutions.

Although bugs that seem to be an inevitable part of summer, they definitely don’t have to be. Hold pest problems at bay in your yard by following these simple tips: Don’t give pests a place to hide. Not only does a well-groomed lawn look good-it is a great deterrent to pests too. Ticks and other pests love tall grass, brush, weeds and generally overgrown areas, so regularly mow your lawn and cut any bushes or trees that may have grown too close to your home or outdoor living spaces. Rain gutters are another common hiding place for pests-keeping them cleaned regularly to avoid possible pest problems.

Be vigilant of stagnant water, and other sources of water. Many pests are naturally attracted to water, and some in fact require water to complete their life cycle, like mosquitoes. Through removing water sources in your yard you will begin to see a decline in a number of insect species in the yard. Mosquitoes and other pests can be found near large water sources, such as creeks or rivers, as well as in more unusual locations like piles of wood, piles of leaves, pots of outdoor flower and more.

Clean the areas for food and garbage disposal. Barbecues may be a summer tradition, but food left behind in your yard or porch may attract swift pests like bees. If you plan to eat outdoors, keep the food covered as often as possible and take sure to clean any dropped crumbs. Don’t forget your garbage-pest hide-outs are extremely popular with trash can and recycling bins! Keep all waste disposal containers sealed and as far away as possible from your house.

Ask your local pest control company about raising pest on the yard. Many pest control firms, such as Terminix, sell insect treatments in outdoor areas designed to reduce mosquitoes and more. Call your local pest control company for mosquito abatement and other summer pest treatments, and inquire about their options for outdoor pest control. The annual pest control in your yard will significantly reduce the pest populations.

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