How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Effectively

Most people ask where the bed bug originated and the best explanation I can give is that they came from caves. A closely related virus called the “battery bug” tends to feed on bats living in caves. The hypothesis is that these caves were shared by men and bats and that over time the taste tastes of bugs shifted from bats to men. The idea is open to debate, but it is the best explanation I’ve come across. Nonetheless, they are here and if you don’t use the right equipment, they’re very hard to get rid of.To find  more info here.

How do I get Bugs in Bed?

A host takes Bed Bugs into your house. The thing that really assists these bugs in their survival is their ability to go without food source for long periods of time. They can go up to 18 months without food, under the right conditions. And what is happening is, they are hiding and waiting for an innocent host to come along. You could pick them up in almost any public location-just watch the news and you’ll learn about libraries, hotels, clothing shops, inns, bed and breakfasts, college dorms, cinemas, resorts, etc. All of those places reported infestations. A pregnant female will lay up to 5 eggs a day once you have them. Such eggs hatch in 10 days or so, and mature after 40 days. In her lifetime the average female laid between 300 to 500 eggs. Once the infestation goes on with some reproductions, having a serious problem on your hands doesn’t take any time at all.

How can I get rid of it?

First of all, contact an expert in the field of pest control who has experience with bed bugs. We’ve been dealing with this insect for years and there’s a big learning curve to learn the right ways to effectively deal with them. There are three common pest treatments for controlling them right now: Chemical, Heat and a Heat and Chemicals Combination.

Chemical treatment There has been a long history of treating these pests with chemicals. DDT may be a thing of the past but still common in chemical applications. If you start a chemicals procedure you have to do four things.

Heat Treatment Heat treatment is one of the new methods for many reasons that companies are turning to. As with many other bugs, bed bugs die pretty quickly once they reach a certain temperature. Heat at the proper high temperature kills every stage of the insect’s life. This approach involves specialized equipment and procedures to heat, monitor, and maintain the room at that temperature for several hours, at the right temperature.

Heat and Chemical Combo

The combination of chemicals and heat to control and prevent bed bugs seems to be the best of both worlds. Use pesticides in the cracks, crevices, and lower room surfaces to give you some residual protection in the room. Then bring the room up to temperature with the heating equipment to kill off the population. The advantages are reduced chemical exposure, shorter down times, and residual protection. The only disadvantage to this method is if you are a bed bug.

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