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Property management companies are as different from one another as the car dealerships are. A Mercedes dealership, for example, will have the best inventory and the most knowledge of the latest new Mercedes selection. You may be able to visit your neighborhood’s Toyota dealership but odds are you won’t find what you’re searching for. They ‘d love your company, of course, and try to speak to you about why a Toyota suits you better than a Mercedes.
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The same for a land consultant, when it comes to their property holdings, they are not all identical. You need to ask what types of property they manage, and make sure that they manage your type of property. If you own a single family home, it would not be a good match for a firm that mainly manages large apartment buildings or commercial property. In this scenario, a business that has a total of 50 percent or more of single family homes in its rental pool will be the ideal choice.

Some firms manage all types of investment properties … single family homes, apartments, commercial and community associations, but in one or two areas they are likely to hold a specialty.

Inspections-A land maintenance firm will never neglect a detailed check. An assessment of the premises will be carried out at the time of the occupant moving in and moving out. An examination of a property can vary from drive-bys, a walk-through or a video inspection. If there are disagreements between tenant and manager regarding items that are missing or damaged, the actual documentation from the move-in inspection and pictures from before and after validity vs. a verbal agreement.

The best choice is to take a video review of both the interior and exterior of the house. Nonetheless pictures are good, but sometimes they do not capture all property areas. Not only will the video capture all areas but it will be easily interpreted and validated as the subject property. A checklist signed at the tenant’s move-in validates that tenant agrees with the findings of the inspection.

Maintenance-Some property management companies have their own in-house maintenance personnel when it comes to performing maintenance or repair work at their rental properties. They are typically business workers, and a wage is charged by the organization. The costs or hourly rate of any required maintenance or repair work will be dictated by the management firm itself.

The management company, on the other hand, may decide to outsource all or some maintenance work to vendors outside it. These vendors may vary from a handyman, skilled merchant like a plumber or a big facility doing all sorts of maintenance work.

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