Female Bodybuilding – Guide

Bodybuilding doesn’t make women male features

There is a widespread perception that weights are causing women to develop large muscles that make them look bulky. The perception grew out of seeing photographs of female bodybuilders appearing on various fitness magazines. But those are not actual figures. Many qualified women bodybuilders use muscle growth to cause drugs such as anabolic steroids, as tragic as it may be. But, generally speaking, women bodybuilders can never develop massive bulky muscles like men only because their body is built in the way they do. Women’s bodies contain less testosterone than men’s bodies do. Testosterone is a key hormone-building muscle, and since women are lacking it has very little chance to bulk up and have bulging muscles. If you’re weight training and staying away from the anabolic steroids, you’ll develop a lean body without any excess flab, Bonuses.

Stiffness does not contribute to weight training

Another common misconception is that if women do a lot of fitness training and weights, then their body becomes stubborn and rigid. Nothing could be any further from the truth. In reality this happens the opposite. You should achieve more flexibility with your body provided your workout routine is perfect and you are doing your exercises properly. Many who never exercise can feel that the muscles formed may be an impediment to the movement. But that just isn’t real. Exercises like chin ups, dumbbell presses, and flyes actually help you stretch and make yourself more flexible.

Do not convert muscles to fat

Many people assume that all the muscles you have built will be turned into fat once you quit the weight training. Physiologically this is just not feasible. Which can really happen is that the physical activity reduces as you drop out of your routine. That would result in the muscle mass diminishing. At the same time, once you’re out of the routine, your eating habits will deteriorate and you’ll soon start to get more fat than your body needs. Diminished metabolism rates combined with bad eating habits lead to more fat and fewer muscles. Yet it is not transforming the muscles into fat.

Vascular cardio exercises are not adequate

Cardio-vascular exercise will help you break down the body ‘s accumulated muscles and fats. So if you aim to reduce weight, they are very good exercises. It does not make sense, however, to think that women should only undertake cardio-vascular exercises and not do weights. The function of weights is totally different. It helps tone your body and properly develop your muscles. Seeing a body without any flab is one thing, but seeing a body that is well toned and well formed is completely different.

Weights Are Not Too Light

Being a female bodybuilder doesn’t mean you’ll be weighing very lightly. The purpose of weights is to create muscle resistance to try hard to overcome that resistance. The muscles expand and get stronger in the process. If the weight is too light and offers no resistance then the entire exercise is useless.

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