Best English International School

If your child will attend university, here are some suggestions on which school to select from.

Form 1

If you have young kids you can purchase a house because you decide what school to take your kids to, the choice is much more crucial than your house’s place. There are several strong A-Level schools in the region around Marbella. The schools are of good standards. English is the predominant tongue.To more informations try out next

If your child has the opportunity to attend university, I choose to go to Marbella International School (Aloha College). The education program has a really strong College entry point. The school operates according to the program of an IB (International Baccalaureate). English is the primary script, too.

Children studying how to interpret, compose and communicate professionally on the international level.

There’s a lively but always optimistic feeling, too. This short story contest is an example:

Short Tale Student Race

Aloha College Short Story Competition: International Book Day Aloha Children from Year 1 to Year 13 are eligible to compete, with 2 prizes at each Main Stage (at best English and best Spanish entry). The prizes are FNAC gift cards The short story is about “Flying.”

And their attention on the drama:


After the popularity of the Peter Pan Christmas Pantomime, students of the Year 12 Theatre Arts planned to impress their audience yet again in March with the French playwriter Jean Anouilh’s Greek tragedy production of Antigone. Antigone is one of Anoilh’s “Plays Black” and is based on Sophocle’s version of the classic tragedy in which the eponymous heroine dies for the crime of offering her dead child, the rebel Polynicies, proper burial rites notwithstanding the King’s decree, Creon, who ordered Polynicies to remain unburied and unfilled.

Anouil’s play portrays an totalitarian government and illustrates the oppression of France’s WWII occupations. In this ridiculous royal family embroilment Antigone and her uncle Creon are to fight each other leading to nothing but death and sorrow. Antigone defining it as a disaster is a euphemism.

Helen Warrick and her students worked tirelessly on this concept to create a new and divisive play for a more adult audience that would bring to the maximum extent of our diverse abilities influenced by the analysis of world theater and various genres. We look forward to giving all our devotees next term more fun and heart melting theater.

And they engage on an international basis for example:

Zukunfts ambassadors

Ms Buis and Ms Mora will send a party of pupils from years 10 and 12 to Milan this year. The reason: Attending the IMUN conference in early April there. For those of you who don’t learn, IMUN stands for the United Nations Foreign Model and it’s essentially a United Nations academic simulation aimed at teaching participants about civics, efficient cooperation, globalization and multilateral diplomacy.

Form 2

Now regarding your potential spanish home place. Ojen is a beautiful position only a 15-minute drive away to Aloha Town. This white village has some finca’s (country houses) that are well built and look fine. As in the Marbella urbanization zones, you don’t have to be terrified of burglars. Nation living is even more comfortable and fairly practical too.

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